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Informative Interview

Cultural Advice

Isonnel  can provide cultural advice. This will be tailored to your operational environment and your mission goals. This consultancy would normally be conducted at the planning phase of your tastings.

Standing Meeting

Pre Deployment Training

We are able to produce a full pre deployment training packages for public and private sector. This will involve intricate scenarios and role players to ensure realism. This allows us to fully prepare you and your business for eventualities.

Cultural Advisors

Isonnel is able to deploy cultural advisors globally alongside your staff. These advisors are often multi skilled as linguists and can provide real insight into the atmospherics of local situations.

Casual Business Meeting

Course Design & Implimentation

Isonnel is able to work with current course providers to incorporate the vital cultural element into any existing preparation or pre deployment training. We are able to provide a variety of venues to host training where required.

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